Pure Camphor (शुद्ध कापूर ) (Brahmas make) 100g x 5 Nos.


Pure Camphor – Brahmas make

Camphor Tablets Pouch, Pack of 5 Pouches.

Size : 100g x 5 Nos.

*Chemical Free
*Brahmas Camphor is made from 100% Pure Camphor Powder,
which is taken from the Camphor tree.
*Generally available camphor included with a chemical powder
which is hazardous/Harmful to health (Chemical Causes: Skin allergy, Nausea, Asthma, Cancer, Breathing Problems.)

How to check Quality: Pure camphor burns completely
without sparking and does not leave behind any residue or ash.

100 in stock


Make                :   Brahmas

Total Size        :   500g

Type                 :   Camphor Tablets

Colour              :   White

Use For            : Puja Purpose, Room Purification

Notes                :
* Don’t leave the cap open, Close properly after use.
* Not for medical use

Kapur, Kapoor


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